Dec 29, 2012

When the time stood still!

Image courtesy: Wikimedia

Draupadi was dragged into King Dhritarashtra's court by Dushashana. Duryodhana's lustful eyes craved to see her naked.

"Disrobe her, my dear brother Dushashana", he ordered. "Parade her naked in the court and make her sit on my lap".

How the wise men in the court wished the time would stand still that moment!

Indeed, for Draupadi, the time stood still when she was dragged into the court. She knew what the wicked mind of Duryodhana would think of her. She knew he would order his brother to disrobe her, make her naked and parade her in the court. None of what happened in the court registered in her mind, for her time had stood still.

Duryodhana never had a good opinion about Draupadi. Who would? After all, she was married to five brothers!

"It would not be a difficult task for you to walk naked in this court, Draupadi. More than one man had already seen you naked before", said Karna. The evil-minded ones roared in laughter to what Karna said.

Pandavas, who were reduced to slaves, cried inside. Even the wise men could not help but only witness the acts of evil. For them all, Draupadi was the wife of five brothers.

But, for Krishna, Draupadi was different. She was an embodiment of the society in which we live in. The society whose dignity was upheld with the fabric she wore.

The thread forms the basic part of the society, its people. The interlace represents the learned ones. The fabric was woven from each string of threads which were interlaced with another. How can he allow the evil to disrobe her?

"It was time to set an example for evil ones", he thought. He decided to extend the fabric which the evil ones are trying to strip. He set Draupadi's time in motion.

For, after all, he is Lord Krishna, the savior.