Dec 8, 2012

Movies in Fort Collins

Fort Collins has a good number of cinema theaters screening a range of entertainment media in addition to movies, including opera and ballet performances. I haven't watched a ballet or opera yet, but the following are the movies wife and I had watched since we arrived here.

Breaking Dawn 2:
Though wife had seen all previous twilight movies, this is my first. I liked the powers vampires possess, be it travelling at lightning speed or read other person's mind. I have seen fantasy movies in the past, Lord of the Rings being my favorite. But breaking dawn (Part 2) beats my favorite in the climax scene. Go and watch it in theaters if you haven't  watched it yet.

Life of Pi:
Life of Pi, as the name indicates, is a story about the life of an Indian boy named Pi who was cast away in Pacific and has to share a lifeboat with a royal Bengal Tiger for his survival. If you have read the book before, go and watch the movie for its eye-pleasing actions in 3D.

"My name is Bond, James Bond", is perhaps the simplest dialogue that no one can ever forget, no matter how many times we hear it from different Bond movies. Add a recurring Bond theme music in the background, people would come and watch the movie even when the movie does not have a compelling story to tell. Skyfall is such a film. I decided to watch this movie for all the hype it has created in the review circles. But the movie failed to amuse me in certain fronts; the theme music was not used properly in this movie, there is no innovative technology gadgets such as camouflage-able car. After watching this movie, I felt its no different from any of the other similar movies I had watched in the past, without the Bond tag. Even the booby traps laid by Bond at his family estate (from where the movie got its name) are novice, considering the traps a school kid laid in Home Alone series! Go and watch the movie only if you are a die-hard fan of Bond movies. For others, I would recommend you to buy any other Bond movies in DVDs, sit back at home and watch in your TV.

Taken 2:
Taken is a story of a CIA operative trying to find kidnappers who had taken his daughter for flesh trade. The crux of the movie lies in intelligent strategies devised by the CIA agent trying to extract information from scarce and limited observation he could make. I am planning to watch the second part of this movie in this weekend.