Dec 19, 2012

Review of The Sins of The Father

The Sins of the Father is the second in the Clifton Chronicles series by Jeffrey Archer. When I first found the book in flipkart, I placed the order to buy without any hesitation. However, I had to leave India in a short notice that I could not finish reading it before I left. When I found the book at the Fort Collins Public Library, my joy knew no bounds! It was only natural for me to jump at it and checked out immediately.
Will Harry get acquitted or escape from The US of A by proving his real identity or other means? Will he be able to prove that he is indeed Arthur's son and reunite with Emma? Will Maisie's dream of living a respectable life come true?
These were some of the questions Jeffrey raised towards the end of Only Time Will Tell. While education was at the center of first part, the second part was pivoted around legal issues. After all, everyone wanted to know if Harry could marry Emma!

Jeffrey's personal and political experiences in legal issues had proved to come in handy for him to untangle the knots he made earlier. Harry's first experience with a crooked, nevertheless reputed lawyer had only helped in landing in jail. But it was only for Harry's good, for he had plenty of time to spend, and  spend he did, writing his biography in the form of a diary, which soon proved to be a hit in New York bestseller list.

Meanwhile, Emma had an intuitive feeling that Harry could not have been buried in sea, took painstaking effort in crossing the Atlantic as a crew member of the same ship Harry believed to have taken, searched by all means to locate Harry and get him acquitted. By the time she got closer to her objective, Harry left the prison in exchange for commanding an American troop against the Germans in Second World War.

Harry did unite with Emma and his son Sebastian in the end. But the legal battle whether Harry could marry Emma still continues. In fact, the issue is no longer a personal battle for the Clifton and Barrington families, but had become one of the political issue which could affect the fate of elections soon to be held.

Neither Cliftons nor Barringtons could help solve Harry and Emma the mystery anymore, for now it now depends on the outcome of the voting at House of Lords. Should the Law Lords vote for Harry to be Sir Harry Barrington, Harry can never unite with Emma.

The voting had a dramatic finish with the House divided with 273 votes for and against Harry. The decisive vote by the Lord Chancellor would settle the issue. But for that to happen, we should all wait for Jeffrey to finish writing the third and final part of the Clifton Chronicles.