Dec 4, 2012

Japanese chef night

Fort Collins is a friendly community. There is an international club that organizes social meet every Friday, aptly named as Friday Afternoon Club (FAC). There are other clubs as well which are as active as FAC and meets regularly. I happen to join one such social club last Sunday. This social club does not have a name, but meets first Sunday of every month at a member's place. One of the members would host the dinner at their place while volunteers representing the theme of dinner would offer their help in preparing the menu. 

"This month, its Japanese chef night", explained Susan, my wife's friend. We met earlier in an indoor stadium nearby a local church where I play volley ball every Friday after the FAC meet. After reaching the venue, wife and I were introduced to a lot of people from different countries; some married, some studying at school/college, some were at a job, some were old people who has grown up kids of my age!

We struck a conversation with a Romanian girl who had settled down in U.S.A thirteen years ago. She was curious to learn about India, her culture and diversity. When we said that we speak Tamil at home and we don't know Hindi which is our official language, she was surprised. 

We found that there were more people who had traveled to places near India, such as Nepal, Pakistan, Srilanka and Thailand. Some people had landed at one of the Indian airports (either Mumbai or New Delhi airport) to take their connecting flight to other countries.

Gloria explaining the menu and the spread 

Christmas tree decorations starts from Thanksgiving Day until Christmas

Myself hoping to find vegetarian items from the list

"It will be a Mexican night next month" Susan extended her pre-invitation when we finished our dinner and were starting to disperse. We bid our thank you and said good bye to our host when a friend of ours suggested we could plan for an Indian chef night sometime.