Dec 13, 2012

Two experiences

Experience # 1:

"Have a look at this", wife pointed out to an ad link on Facebook.

"Vintage Style Glass Ball Pocket Watch with Chain for $9. Free shipping with first order", the ad said.

"What a deal!", exclaiming thus, I placed the order online in an impulse fearing for a change of mind, without researching on the authenticity of the website.

After a couple of days since I placed the order, I googled for people's review of nomorerack more out of curiosity. To my dismay, I found plenty of irate and negative reviews about the website and their customer service!

It was quite a relief to receive a mail from nomorerack after a couple of days saying our order was shipped. However, the relief did not last long for the tracking id opened the order status page on nomorerack and not the status of shipping.

I became skeptic at this point and had almost convinced myself that I should forget my $9.

It was like a dream come true when I found a package delivered to my mailbox yesterday from nomorerack. I opened the package, anxious to find a wrong product or at least a damaged one. But the package contained exactly what I ordered for, all in one piece!

Does this mean I would recommend nomorerack to my friends and followers? May be not. This may just be one good experience after all!

Experience # 2:

"Try phoneindia. They have a plan for 1000 minutes call time to India which is valid for 30 days", my friend suggested.

I googled for phoneindia and found plenty of positive reviews about the website, their products and services. After enough research, I made up my mind and placed an order for $4.99 which offered 500 calling minutes with a 30 days validity. Since this was my first experience, I opted out of auto recharge plan while placing the order. After all, I had skype, viber and gtalk installed on my mobile to stay in touch with anyone in the world.

Everything went fine for a month. Placing the order was simple. There wasn't any hidden charges that normally gets adds up to your final billed amount. The call quality was good. With that positive note, I decided to stick to phoneindia in future, should a need arise.

It came as a shock when I found that phoneindia had billed my card for next month. I double checked my control panel to make sure the auto-recharge settings is turned OFF. Worse, the website did not allow me to delete my card, which I never gave my consent to save!

I tried to chat with customer care representative asking for an explanation, but the chat window closed without giving me a reason. I tried initiating the chat help again, and mailed to customer service about the mistake.

To my relief, a representative answered my chat query saying I had opted for $4.99 plan which offers 1000 minutes and comes with auto-recharge by default!

"If that was the plan I had subscribed to, why did my account control panel showed only 500 minutes?", I asked.

The representative paused briefly for a moment and replied, "Do you want me to cancel the plan?"

"Yes please", I said over chat.

Well, does this mean I would never recommend phoneindia to anyone? May be not. This may just be one bad experience after all.