Dec 27, 2012

Movie Out with André

"Would you like to see The Hobbit with us?", André texted me.

My wife and myself watched The Hobbit only last week, but then it's been a long time since I caught up with my friend.

"Sure!", I replied.

"We will be going to MetroLux theatre in Loveland. The show time is at 2.45 PM. I will come to pick you up at around 1.45 PM", he said.

"Sounds good!", I replied to him, disconnected the call, turned to my wife and said, "this time, we are going to watch it in a different theatre".

We had our lunch and were ready at 1.45 PM when I got a call from André saying he was waiting at the parking lot.

On the way to the theatre, André was talking to us about his plans to visit Nepal soon after the New Year. "It's very nice to see you guys today before we leave to Nepal", he said excitedly.

Soon we were joined by his wife, her cousin and their cute little niece and nephew at MetroLux.

at MetroLux Theatres with André

"My nephew, a four year old kid, wants to see Monsters, Inc", said André when we arrived inside the theatre. "But if you guys want to see The Hobbit, you can go ahead. My wife and our niece will be joining you then", he said.

We had already seen The Hobbit, so we decided to watch Monsters Inc. 

"This is my second movie in 3D", he said after buying the tickets. We mentally recollected all the movies we had watched in Fort Collins and said, "This is our third 3D movie in Fort Collins itself". We all laughed and walked towards auditorium 11.

Monsters Inc is a Energy production company that generates electricity from human baby's screaming. Monsters were trained to scare babies and make them scream which would generate electricity and were stored in capsules. The story lies around a monster coming in contact with a baby with whom he felt attached.

As in most 3D movies, the visuals were amazing! After coming out, we felt we not only had a good time with André and Rachel, but enjoyed the movie as well.