Feb 16, 2011

A Tale of Two Talks

Two talks on one of the most important issue India is facing is organized by our Extra Mural Lecture (EML) group of IIT Madras.The first one is by Ms. Shukla Bose, who resigned her corporate high profile job to do something to the society. She had founded Parikrma foundation wherein she takes one child at a time, and nurture them in all aspects viz education, arts, athletics etc. She takes a kid from slum area in and around Bangalore at the age of 5, provide education at her school until above 20 wherein the boy/girl is able to stand on their own.

The other talk is by Mr. P. Sainath, a freelancer, who spends about 300 days in rural area on an average, to understand the effects of capitalism and globalization in rural people's life style. I had recently bought his book "Everybody loves a good drought". Its currently in my "to read" list. I'm planning to read it before this summer to get a perspective of rural India's problems.

Both the talks are certainly an eye opener to all those who were present. The social impact of these talks are, no doubt, tremendous as I can see the speakers were able to move the crowd with their oratory skills. I hope this will make elite students to think of returning something to the society of what they have got.