Dec 9, 2012

Taken 2 - a review

Watching Skyfall and Taken 2 back to back in that order is certainly not a good idea for James Bond fans. Taken 2 easily qualifies to be a James Bond level movie, for it has a smart hero with good physique, use innovative technologies and devise creative strategies to deceive the villain. Perhaps the only things that are missing from Taken 2 to be called a James Bond movie are the most popular dialogue "My name is Bond" and the theme music.

Does it mean that Taken 2 is a good movie? In my opinion, its a better movie than the recently released Bond movie, Skyfall. But I won't rate Taken 2 as a good movie, for there are some scenes which are quite similar to other movies as well. When the hero and his wife were blindfolded and taken by the father of a villain from Taken, he measures the ticks on his clock, senses the maneuvers, listens to sounds from outside world to find where they were taken to. Fans of Rajnikanth can easily identify this particular scene with one of his movies in which he was taken by a villain's gang blindfold, and he smartly traces back his path to reach the villain's place using the observations he made while he was taken.

There are scenes from Taken 2 which doesn't make sense to me. When the girl comes out of the room from hiding, the security guards were not alarmed. And then, she goes on dropping bombs at different locations to find how close she is to her father, all without alarming the villains or the police, and, well, not even the crowd!

Barring such mistakes which are common to most of the movies in this genre, Taken 2 is a movie which can be watched once.