Dec 7, 2012

Two mistakes

Mistake # 1:

"The system was unable to authenticate your debit card. Please check that the data you entered is correct or use a different card", ATM displayed the error message.

I pulled the ATM card from the slot, inserted it again, typed the PIN carefully and pressed the Enter key. The ATM took a moment to verify the data I entered and displayed the same error message.

"What? It can't go wrong! I haven't changed my PIN recently", I wondered. Fortunately, the ATM was located next to a branch of the bank. I entered the bank and proceeded towards help desk. 

"My ATM card is not working. I am getting an authentication failure error message", I gave my ATM card to a representative sitting at the desk asking for his assistance. He took my ATM card, observed it for a while and said, "Sir, this is 1st bank, and you have an account with 1st national bank".

Damn! How did I miss this!

Mistake # 2:

After waiting in the rush hour queue at a post office for about half an hour, I went to a counter when my turn came.

"Hi, how may I help you today?", the clerk at the counter asked me with a cheerful smile on his face.

"I have printed out a stamp for shipping this parcel. Could you please assist me with shipping?"

The clerk took the stamp from me, observed it for a while and said, "Sir, you have printed a UPS stamp. This is USPS".

Seriously, how did I miss this!