Dec 24, 2012

Self Watering Plants Using Empty Milk Cans

"What do we do with all the milk cans?", I asked my wife pointing towards top of our fridge where more than half a dozen used milk cans are kept.

Milk cans each of a gallon capacity

"Wait. I'll think of something", she said, watering the Poinsettia plant she bought a few days earlier from the Sprouts farmer's market.

That evening, my wife called me over phone while I was about to leave from my office. "Surprise! But I will let you see it for yourself", she said.

Unable to withstand the surprise, I rushed to my apartment and saw the new arrangement my wife had made to the Poinsettia plant she was watering earlier on.

Poinsettia draws water stored in the milk can through its roots thereby strengthening it.

She does not water the plant daily any more, rather she pours the water in the milk can and allows the plant's roots to draw water from it. "This will strengthen the roots, and make good use of all the empty milk cans", she said.

"Indeed! Its a cheap and innovate solution to make good use of milk cans", I patted her.