Feb 6, 2010

Understanding Nature

They divided themselves into three groups: First group collected the facts. Second group came up with theory to explain the facts. Third group contemplated to come up with new technology based on the facts and theories. They then pass it on to their offsprings.

Their offsprings divided themselves into three groups: First group used new technology to observed new facts. Second group debated old theories, found their ancestor's theories are either wrong or incomplete and put forward new theories. Third group contemplated in advancing the technology with new facts and theories. They then pass it on to their offsprings.

Their offsprings again divided themselves into three groups: The three groups did more or less same as their ancestors, but with newer technology, newer facts, newer insights and theory, more disagreement with previous theories.

It thus went on and on, offsprings to offsprings, generations to generations. They still collect new facts, debate on old theories, put forward new theory and advance in technology. All this, till they completely understand nature. Will they ever understand the nature completely?

Feb 3, 2010



Let's list the above number in ascending order by taking one digit, two digits, and three digits at a time, respectively.

One digit numbers: 1,3,7

Two digit numbers  : 13,17,31,37,71,73

Three digit numbers: 137,173,317,371,713,731.

Now here comes the beauty. Numbers that are less than 317 (including 317) are prime (the number 1 is considered to be prime here in this context)! Numbers greater than 317 are composite! But what is so special about the number 317?

That's my hostel room number :P.

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