Dec 25, 2012

Chrismas Eve - At a Church

"Would you like to come to church today for Christmas Eve celebrations?", Susan asked us.

We decided to go, to have a first real experience of Christmas celebrations. At fifteen to six Susan reached our apartment and drove us to the Summit View church at whose indoor stadium we played games every Friday evening.

When we parked the car and reached the church, traditional carols were being played which continued until the gathering began formally. The lyrics were projected on a wall and so we all could sing together. While most of the people knew the Christmas carols by heart, it was my first time. To my own surprise, I soon realised I could sing!

The celebration started formally with Hap Pritchard reading verses from the Bible about the birth of Jesus Christ. A carol titled In the Quite Holy Night was sung by a group of people of different ages. A cute little girl dressed up like an angel sung with ease without referring to her notes, unlike others in the group. As soon as the carol was over, she left without waiting for the audience applause!

The group carol was then followed by a soul stirring solo piano by Jimmy Harrington. The music reverberated in my mind for some time even after it was played. A group dance titled Sugar Plum Fairy followed then. Directed and Choreographed by Abbie Hanawalt and Christine Richard, a bunch of cute little kids dressed up like angels danced to a Christian song.

Sugar Plum Fairy dance

The dance was followed by a couple of Violin-Guitar duet and a vocal carols. I wish I could record their performances!

While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks is a group dance directed and choreographed by Christine Richard. The dance was then followed by a message by Mitch Majeski on whether we should greet everyone with Happy Christmas or Merry Christmas.

a scene from While Shepherd Watched Their Flocks

last scene from While Shepherd Watched Their Flocks 

The group dance is then followed by a video of "The Innkeeper's Dream" and "Silent Night" congregation.

near the Christmas tree in the church

 a beautiful painting of Jesus Christ

Christmas "kolu"

After the celebrations, we snapped a few pictures and went to our friend's place for some snacks.