Dec 18, 2012

Nostalgic trip to Fort Collins Public Library

Entrance to Fort Collins Public Library

I had been to the Fort Collins Public Library many times before, but never took a bus to reach there. Usually I would get down at Downtown Transit Center or at U.S Post Office and walk to the library. Once I had asked the driver to stop at Olive and Mason, the closest one can get by bus on Route 15.

When wife accompanied me last time, we decided to take the bus all the way and minimize the walk.  From Transfort route maps, we found that Route 18 has a stop just outside the library. We timed other buses that connected us with CSU and Downtown transit centers and reached the library via Route 18.

Nostalgia hit me when I got down from the bus. About two summers ago, when I came to Fort Collins for the first time, I somehow managed to find the location of the library using a map. But I lost my way while returning, and went to an unrecognized place. If I were in India, I would have asked a chai wala or some localites how to reach the nearest bus stop. But I was in U.S then! I was trying to cope with the change. A couple of localites were scared to offer any help thinking either I am begging for alms or trying to steal their valuables.

I almost cried, but felt relieved when I spotted a green metallic shelter with a Transfort post from a distance. An old lady had just arrived at the bus stop when I reached. She assured me that a bus would come in another few minutes, and would take us to the Downtown Transit Center, a place from where I know how to reach my apartment.

"Bus had come", my wife broke my reverie. We boarded Route 18 on its way back, timed other buses and reached our apartment.