Dec 21, 2012


"I've got an admit to doing my Masters in U.S dad", Aarthi said ecstatically.

"I know you would get, my dear", her father replied with a pleased smile, making himself busy immediately arranging things that she would require during her stay abroad.

The checklist he had prepared while his son went abroad for higher studies a couple of years ago came in handy. "Dresses and food items are most important. Let's get it ready first", he listed.

Aarthi contacted the university to obtain the necessary documents that support her visa application.

"Is your university close to where your brother is staying?", her mother asked with a concern.

"Not so close mom. I have made some temporary arrangement with the Indian student association for my stay as soon as I arrive in the U.S", she replied.

"When should you join the university?"

"By mid-June mom. I would leave around eighth of June so that I will have time to settle down before I go for classes".

The next couple of weeks went busily for everyone. Aarthi received her immigration documents from the university, took her visa interview and was waiting for the embassy to stamp the visa and courier it to her home address. Her dad had marked ticks against most of the items in the checklist that contains a list of things she needed to buy. Her mom was preparing food items with which she can survive for first few months.

Everything was coming to a good ending, but for her stay. She hasn't heard from the Indian students association regarding her application. Eighth of June is not too far!

Deeply concerned, she shot a mail to the association chairman again, asking about the status of her application.

"Your application was received. We are working on it to make an arrangement for your stay from sixth of August. You will hear from us soon", she read the mail for the umpteenth time.