Dec 23, 2012

The Hobbit - An Unexpected Journey

image courtesy: wikimedia

What makes a epic-fantasy-adventurous film a success?

The story should have some reference to epic character. There should be some adventure in the plot, such as searching for a hidden or lost place. And finally, there should be some fantasy in the story.

The first part in prequel trilogy has all the three. A group of dwarfs with a king were on an adventurous trip to the Lost Mountain, a place in the middle Earth which was home to dwarfs until the dragon took in possession of it. There is enough epic story to delight from, fantasy to relish and adventure that will hold you on your seat till the end.

Lord of the Rings, a sequel to The Hobbit, starts with Bilbo Baggins giving the one ring to Frodo Baggins voluntarily, the first character to do so. In The Hobbit - an unexpected journey, we find how the ring ended up to Bilbo Baggins from Gollum, an important character in LOTR trilogy. One of the recurring characters is the wizard Gandalf who saves the dwarfs from various difficulties they face during their adventurous search of the Lost Mountain.

Watch it if you haven't so far, but do watch the movie in 3D if it is screened in a nearby theatre to enjoy the eye-pleasing visuals the movie offers.