Dec 14, 2012

Study, we did, to take a break from study!

"Aggie community is organizing a study hour between 8.00 and 9.00 pm this mid-week. Shall we go?", I asked my wife. "They are serving hot beverages and snacks", I added.

"Sure! I have been reading a book for the past few weeks. May be I can finish it today", she replied enthusiastically.

We reached the Aggie Center on the dot and knocked at the door. A young girl welcomed us with a smile. "We are here for the study hour", I told her displaying the books we had carried with us to read.

"Please come in", she welcomed us. "Another event was held here at this center and they are just winding up. We will be ready in another five minutes", she informed. "No problem", we said, found a couch and settled, and started reading the books we brought with us.

"Coffee is ready. There is tea as well. You can enjoy your drinks now", the young girl whom we assumed to be one of the coordinator made an announcement. "Some snacks will be made available soon", she continued.

The organizer helped us in pulling a coffee table in front of our couch. We went to the cafetaria, helped ourselves with a beverage, picked up a snack packet each and returned to the couch. "Cookies will be ready in a minute", the coordinator assured.

On our way back to the couch, we noticed that we are the only ones to join them tonight. One of the volunteers was turning the stereo on and was selecting a soft number for the background music setting.

A cookie was served to us at the couch. "I am sorry. It is still hot and not crispy yet", the coordinator said. We took a just baked cookie each which was soft and melted in our mouths.

For the next one hour, I read a few chapters on "The sins of the father" by Jeffrey Archer, while wife read "The voyage of the frog", a cast away story. After a while, a girl joined us, but she did not bring any book with her. She left her coat at the entrance, went to the cafeteria and started chatting with the organizer.

Both of us were immersed into our books that neither observed the chat nor paid attention to the background music. When the clock struck nine, we closed the book, thanked the organizers and left the center.

"I read a few chapters today", I boasted on our way back. "I'm almost done with my book", wife countered. While we were walking back to our apartment, she read the notice which said "Study break between 8.00 and 9.00 P.M on 11, 12 and 13th of December!"