Mar 9, 2011

Snaptu issue on Nokia 5230

Snaptu is one of my favorite mobile application which enables me to socialize using facebook and twitter on the go. However, the last time I connected my mobile using USB to my desktop, I did something terribly wrong, which led to incomplete removal of some of the mobile applications that are installed in my memory card. This includes Snaptu, Opera mobile browser and Skype among others. But I was fortunate enough to locate the uninstaller of Opera and Skype, which allowed me to reinstall the same later on, and hence recover. But Snaptu is not to be "seen" anywhere in my mobile. Not in the file manager, nor in applications installer folder.

I tried all the basic tactics, including resetting my mobile to factory settings. Nothing worked. Re-installation from Nokia's Ovi store gave me a warning saying the application already exists and hence could not be installed again. It was frustrating experience for me, for I love Snaptu but I could not install to use it. When I connected my mobile through Nokia PC suite, I felt elated as I could see Snaptu in the installed directory against which it showed 0KB. I selected Snaptu, clicked on 'delete' button, and wait to see that nothing happened. After several attempts, I understood that its not going to work. In that desperate moment, I tried Googling for "not able to delete Snaptu, Nokia mobile". Most of the links that came up in the search list told me that I am not alone in this world with this issue. However, I could not find a solution in any of those, including Nokia forums.

Down the list, something caught my attention. It read something like memory card blah blah, which I did not see in any other link. Backed up with my hunch, I clicked on the link to find a solution which is irrational, but promising. The solution goes like this; remove the memory card, install Snaptu again in phone memory, insert memory card again, uninstall from phone memory and reinstall in memory card (if you are having a limited memory constraint). I had done this before with windows machine. Whenever a particular application does not work, I close and open it, or still, I will restart my machine. So far, I had solved a number of such issues in Windows XP. But will it work that way in Nokia too?

What is there for me to lose if it does not work? Anyway its not working now. Thus pacifying myself, I decided to give it a try. I removed the memory card, opened file manager, went to the location where I had downloaded the Snaptu application earlier, opened it to install. The installer popped up with a warning message asking me if I want to overwrite the data for which I gladly said 'yes'. But it appears that time wanted to play with me for some more as I got an error message saying "invalid jar file"!

It then occurred to me that I had downloaded the version from getjar for some other mobile model as one of my vain attempts earlier. Naturally, I opened  Nokia Ovi store from my mobile, went to applications and downloaded Snaptu freshly. Voila! It worked! So, as the forum user suggested, I inserted my memory card, uninstalled Snaptu, reinstalled again by choosing memory card as install location. It popped up with a warning to overwrite the existing 0KB file, which I gladly accepted. The success story ends with a tweet message announcing the world that I am back into action with Snaptu.