Mar 12, 2011


The Department of Humanities and Social Sciences and the Nomad Players have been presenting a play in our institute every year since 2009. They started off with their first successful play "Three blind mice", adapted from Agatha Christie's Mousetrap, in 2009. Their second venture, "Black comedy", was presented in 2010, in which the organizers had used reverse lighting scheme to tell the story that happened during an electrical blackout. This year, the team had come up with another interesting play named "Pratibimb".

The director (third from left) introducing the cast of Pratibimb to the audience

Pratibimb is a story of Dhondya, an ordinary man, who wakes up one morning to find that he has lost his reflection suddenly. With the help from his landlady Muktabai, called as Bai, they both attempts to find explanations for the sudden disappearance of his mind, by entering into each others mind. What happens during their course of finding his reflection forms the central theme of the play.

The set designer has done a wonderful job in designing the stage for the play. The concept of "entering into another's mind" is beautifully told by apt studio lighting and using a "window" as the gate of one's mind. The philosophical story ends with Muktabai letting out a scream after looking at the mirror.