Mar 21, 2011

"Happy Holi" wishes from Mother Nature

Humans are so obsessed with artificiality to an extent that the distance between us and the nature is ever increasing, just the way its happening with our universe. Wooded landscape are paving way to more concrete jungles, shaded trees are being chopped off, only to be replaced with sheets of plastic, a vast population from the human race have the privilege to see the trees and plants only in the form of a commercial product, such as furniture, papers etc.

Has nature ditched us the same way in retaliation? I guess not. In fact, it is desperately making an attempt to call for our attention. A couple of days back, when the whole of India was celebrating Holi, the festival of colors, Nature was silently wishing us on the occasion. But did we care to listen?

One can't unify himself with Nature unless he/she gives up some levels of artificiality. Try walking the path instead of taking your bike or driving a car. Listen to the birds instead of the song being played in your ipod. Tune to nature, instead of TV/Internet. I am sure, Nature loves to talk to us, the way our parents want to when they grow old.

To begin with, I have posted a few snapshots of Nature, wishing us on the occasion of Holi with colorful flowers instead of artificial, health-concerning powders.

Its now our turn to wish back at Nature.