Mar 19, 2011

Review of My Days

We often appreciate good works published by our favorite authors, Sidney Sheldon or R. K. Narayan. But how much do we know about these authors? What made them to choose writing as their profession? What or who is their source of inspiration? Where do they draw their characters from? How do they construct a plot? Are all fictional stories really fictitious? Is there a personal touch of a writer in his characters based on his/her real life experiences? In "My Days", R. K. Narayan has tried to answer some of these questions.

"My Days" an autobiographical work of R.K.Narayan, is worthy of his novels, says his friend Graham Greene. True to this, the book had been written with elegance, like any of his other works. Starting from his childhood days where he used to play with unusual pets of monkey and a peacock, he takes us with him to a journey which shows a peek of his life; the hurdles he faced at war times, personal and financial difficulties that loomed over him on several occasions, and how he faced those issues which never deterred him from writing.

My Days is certainly an inspirational work, especially for young and aspiring writers whose dream is to choose writing as their career.