Mar 31, 2011

Cricket - a strategy based game

I always knew that Cricket is a team game. But it was only while I was watching Pakistan innings against India yesterday in Mohali that I realized its a game of strategy too.

While the whole of India was cheering happily for every dot ball Misbah made, I was awed by his strategy and execution of it. In a slow pitch that offered so much turn in the middle overs, Dhoni gambled with Nehra for Ashwin! That leaves only one class spinner, Harbhajan Singh, to bowl with not-so-consistent-but-currently-in-form spinner Yuvraj at the other end. Together, they finished their quota of 20 overs while the batting power play for Pakistan was yet to be taken.

All Pakistan, especially Misbah, needed to do at that stage was to stick to the crease and save their wickets. Its not going to be difficult to go after fast bowlers, for whom the pitch has nothing to offer, during the batting powerplay.

Unfortunately, even the team Pakistan (minus Misbah) did not understand this strategy, and so everybody went for a big hit, which brought more wickets to India, than runs for Pakistan.

In all, I really feel for Misbah. He reminds me of Rahul Dravid of India in many aspects. When it comes to class cricket, one's character must precede his age. In yesterday's game, I was hoping that one partnership with Misbah can make Pakistan to create history by beating India in the world cup for first time.  But now, for that to happen, I have to wait for four more years!