Nov 1, 2012

Jam's Quotes

Note 1: I am sharing a collection of my quotes which originated either while I was having a conversation with my friend(s) or when I was contemplating on something (usually nothing :P). I had shared some of these quotes in my facebook timeline, while others are used in short stories that are published on my blog.

Note 2: If you find any of my quotes to be synonymous with some existing one, perhaps I rediscovered it!

In one life that we live, there are people who help us and later expects a favor in return. Some will help us because they are friends, while others help us because they are family/relatives. But there are few who comes in our life when we most wanted them to, help us in evolving into a better person, and leave without a trace when their job is done.

Routines of today become rituals tomorrow.

Using science to commercialize an idea is like praying to God to pass an exam.

Rituals come with an expiry date!

In my graduate days, I learned to make money. In my research days, I am learning to look beyond.

When I die, I'm going to find the person who first coined the word "sorry", slap him hard on his face and say "I'm sorry!".

Book sellers offer up to 40% off plus free shipping and still makes a profit. No wonder why poor people are illiterate!

Atheists are not against God. They are against stupidity. If people think God is stupidity, it's not an atheist's mistake.

When an art form takes you closer to God, it becomes a classic.

The difference between past and present legend is the past is forgotten, the present will be forgotten.

What we solve as class room problems today had given so many sleepless nights to several researchers not so long ago!

People who take success close to their heart takes failures closer.

I don't know if God exists or not. But what I do know is nobody is God.

We live in a society where elites working for poor are labeled as social, kind-hearted and humane, but not as duty-minded.

The purpose of religion is to give hope to every single individual on this planet. So long as it serves the purpose, I believe in God, even if science disproves his/her/whatever's existence.

In the 25th century, a guy will get "creative design" award for his design of a fashion wear. The dress will be made from single piece of cloth and is complicated to wear. Still, it is going to revolutionize the clothing industry that every woman on this planet would like to own the masterpiece. The artistic design can be worn on any seasons/occasions. Only time knows that centuries back, people called the design wear as "saree"!

The universe keeps expanding forever, and so does the space between people in their hearts. Unless a star of activity takes place in their heart that can pull things down by gravity.

A picture is worth a thousand words. But a good writer can make you visualize the picture with his words!

Most people look at the dots and not at the theory that connects them.

No country. no nation. no boundaries. no dispute. no language. no technology. no science. no religion... hey nature! it's going to be just you...and me.

A teacher continues to teach even if he/she does not get a good student, for it is their job. However, it's not money but a good student, who adds value to their lives.

"A boy or a girl?" is the question that comes to anyone's mind when we hear someone is conceived. Does the life in the womb know any gender? An equal society is not when men and women are treated as equal, but beyond.

Never give free advice, for people will never listen. Charge them a consultancy fee and they will be all ears.

You know you had a great day if you are able to read at least 50 pages before you sleep.

Some people are not open-minded because they do not know how to open their minds. It's not their mistake though!