Nov 30, 2012

A post a day...

Of late, I realized that I have not been updating my blog consistently; writer's block or careless attitude,  whatever!

But one thing is for sure. I have not decided to quit writing, and would continue to write here as I had promised earlier. I must confess though that a thought occurred to me in the meantime to give separate spaces for some of the topics. But that is when I realized that 317 cauvery is like a big family and each topics are like the members of a joint family with myself as its head. Giving separate space for some of the topics would only mean I failed to fulfill my duty as the head of my family.

My blog had reached a stage where it needs a boost to revitalize and regain the past vigor. "A post a day..." (until this year end) is in line with this thought. An apple a day had certainly kept many people from their doctors away. However, I believe, a post a day would only bring my followers closer to me than before, and would encourage new followers to become a part of my family.

A lot of things had happened since my blog met my stepmotherly (fatherly?) treatment. I'm going to try writing about some of the interesting experiences I had starting from the days towards my marriage to turbulent October when I took the dreadful risk I would never forget in my lifetime. All I need now is a large dose of motivation. A post a day is only a part from the large dose, your encouragements will do the rest.