Oct 29, 2012

Tips on Cooking Spinach

If you were born in 80s or 90s, you would have probably heard about Popeye - the sailor man cartoon character. I'll stop here without explaining further about Popeye, Olive or Bluto. But in all the Popeye stories, eventually Popeye would eat spinach that makes him stronger and overcome the power of Bluto.

Does spinach really has the power to make one stronger? I'm not too sure. But what I'm sure (based on Google search) is its one of the important food for women to take during pregnancy. Its key ingredient, folic acid, is very essential for growth of the foetus. It has more protein and other ingredients which are essential for both mother and the child inside. 

But cooking spinach is not that easy. If you do not add rice flour or have a smasher, it may take half an hour or more to cook completely. Does anyone has that much patience to wait?

Today wife and I tried a different way to tackle this problem. At first, I tried to blend it in a mixie. What I found was while the lower portion of the jar extracted spinach juice, the top portion had spinach intact. That's when wife suggested me to use vegetable chopper instead.

Chopping spinach using vegetable chopper

We found that the chopper is an ideal tool as it cuts the spinach into fine pieces, but not too fine to make it become a spinach paste.

Chopped spinach

The finely chopped spinach greatly reduced the time to cook!

Have you tried some new ideas to cook spinach faster? Please share your ideas in the comments form below.