Aug 2, 2011

Vishveshwarya Museum: Mecca for Mechanical Engineers!

"If you guys are planning for an outing this weekend, I can arrange for a cab", said Chotu, a localite in Bengaluru.

"Why not we plan for a trip to Mysore?", I asked others, reflecting my disappointment with Bangalore palace experience.

"Awesome! On the way, you guys can come over to my house as well", Chotu extended his invitation. When the rest did not commit, I tried to persuade them. "Anyway, Prof. Varahan's lectures are not there on Saturday. We wont miss out anything!", I said.

Tuesday became Wednesday, then Thursday and finally Friday, but still Chai and Chan had not decided their weekend plans, or had decided to another plan! When I saw that I am failing in convincing them for a Mysore trip, I asked Vish to take me to some place around Bengaluru.

"Have you been to Vishveshwarya museum before?", he asked me. "You can lose yourself for hours there! It is the Mecca for Mechanical Engineers", he added. "Well, then lets go there on this Saturday", I replied, thinking about how to spend my time on Sunday.

place where the terrorist attack took place

We left from Kaveri in the morning, had breakfast at Kabini, crossed C.V.Raman road, went past the auditorium where the terrorist attack took place, boarded a bus to Majestic, walked through the periphery of Cubbon park, and reached the museum entrance at five minutes to 10, their time to open!

"Let's take the top-down approach", said Vish, meaning we will start looking at the display in the top floor, and descend to the bottom. We skipped all the displays meant to attract kids, the movie that was being screened at regular intervals, and instead concentrated on the main scientific displays starting from undergrad level.

 with mechanical model of logic gates

 thermal imaging

 mechanical model of DNA double helix

 vish playing with various objects in flow field

 model of a lunar astronaut

 vortex experiment

 full scale model of wright's glider

vish with diesel engine

 me with an engine

vish playing with printing press

The highlight of the museum displays is the flow field visualization using soap water solution. Vish gave me a wonderful demo of the flow visualization experiment in which the flow is affected by objects of different shapes when placed in a uniform flow field.

We finished our trip around noon, walked around Vidhana Soudha and Chinnaswamy stadium, got bus near Cubbon park to Malleswaram 5th cross and walked our way back to Kaveri.