Aug 3, 2011

Brigade road, Bowling alley, Garuda Mall, Death by Chocolate

"You guys want to go some place tomorrow", Chotu asked the following week again. "I can show you around Bengaluru. Its my treat", he added.

Mysore plans that we worked out previous week did not work, for Chan had been to Mysore before, and Chai had some other plans for the weekend! Since I had already been to Vishveshwarya museum with Vish, I asked Chotu to take us to some place where people would normally not go for site seeing.

"Let us go to Brigade road then. We can go to Amoeba where we will play bowling, and from there we will go to the Corner shop where you get a very good ice cream" he replied. "Take money for lunch alone, and let bowling and ice cream be my treat", he offered.

The next day, Chan and I took a bus from Malleswaram 18th cross to Majestic, from Majestic to Indian Express circle, and from there we walked all the way to Mahatma Gandhi Metro Station where we had fixed the rendezvous with Chotu the previous day. Getting directions was easy all along, thanks to GPS and Google Maps installed in my Froyo.

"I got a gift for you two", said Chotu when we both met him at the metro station. "Three men in the boat for you (myself) and Frankenstein for Chan. I hope you guys will like this book".

It was at that moment that I started liking Chotu, for it is not usual for someone to think of gifting a book to their friend, unless they specifically ask him/her to buy for them.

We then walked through several lanes that resembled the Downtown area in Denver, and finally arrived at Amoeba, where I played bowling for the first time.

Scores of (J)am, (C)han and (R)aju aka Chotu, first game

 the bowling arena

I understood the physics of bowling quickly so that I almost came on top in the first game that we played. Seeing my performance, Chotu patted me saying "bowling comes naturally to you".

Had Chotu not struck on his 10th swing, I would have won the game. Instead, I ended up losing the game by a margin of 5 which made me to say "let us play again".

 Scores of (J)am, (C)han and (R)aju aka Chotu, second game

But I lost my rhythm in the second game, 6th swing onwards, I started playing for fun and considered myself out of the competition!

 Death by chocolate

From Amoeba, Chotu took us to the corner shop where we ordered "Death by Chocolate", their signature item for Chan and myself. The quantity served is enough for us to have the ice cream as our lunch!

Relaxing at Garuda mall

We walked along various stretches exploring the urban Bangalore in the nitty-gritty and did window shopping at Garuda mall. Finally, we parted with Chotu who had to leave us before evening, hired an auto and returned to Kaveri.