Jul 2, 2011

Jammy - The Observer

"Raghav pinched  Prabha. She slapped him back. Raghav pinched her again and slapped her as well. She started crying.

The teacher shouted at Ravi for shitting in the classroom. Later, she took him somewhere and when they returned after a while, he was not wearing his trousers.

Abi lost her slate, took her friend's instead and argued it was hers. When her mother found the truth, she beats her for telling a lie", sitting under a shady tree in the school playground, little jammy was narrating the day to day's incidents to his mom.

It was a recess then. Kids were playing seesaw and other games while boys were being fed by their parents and were prepared for their next session.

"And what were you doing all the time, my son", asked his mom in reply.

"Observing them", he replied, his eyes gazed at a distance.

There could be two reasons for why I chose to be an observer from a distance, instead of being social from close. I was the youngest of all in my classroom and that made me see my fellow students as the ones who are bigger and stronger than me!

The other reason which I think could be closer to truth is my wildcard entry to my L.K.G. My teachers were so confident that I will learn everything from my mom's lap instead of from the classroom and for that reason, they left me to be on my own.

Perhaps, I am the only student from my school to have written my annual examination from home, sitting on my mom's lap!

But how long can they allow this to happen? It has to stop right? Well, it did stop, but only after one more year was passed.