Jul 7, 2011

A memorable trip to Winnie's house

"TIFR's bangalore campus? It is located in Yelahanka, very close to my house in Bangalore", said Winnie, my scholar friend when I told him about the DAR Program.

"I will probably come to your house then", I said casually, without giving a thought. Will I go to his house? Will I at least meet him at Bangalore? Or is there a plan B that I might opt for? Where does my other friends, Chan and Chai, who got selected in the program want to go? Do they have a plan and want me to join with them?" I asked these questions to myself until we all left from Chennai.

Once we got in to the train, I chipped in the idea to Chan and Chai, "guys, if you do not have a plan for Sunday, we will go to his house", I said. "He says its not far from Yelahanka, and he will pick us from our place in his car, and drop us back in the evening", I added. Apparently, nobody was having any plans and so I then thought that we kinda have a mutual consensus about the plan.

Upon our arrival at Bangalore, when Chai got separated to stay with his friend in one of the hostels at IISc, Chan and myself found that we were not accommodated at TIFR and were asked to go back to IISc, I thought things were not working according to our plan. So I decided to rang Winnie at his residence and tell him that we have no option, but to cancel our plan of visiting him at his house.

After about 7 or 8 rings, his father answered the call. "Uncle, this is Jam. Is Winnie there?", I asked him. "Oh yeah! He is here! How are you? I am hoping to meet you guys today", he asked with a smile in his voice. "We are fine Uncle", I said, without committing myself on the meeting part. "Give me a minute, I will call him", he said. After few minutes, I got my friend's sleepy voice on line saying "Hello!", to which I heard myself saying, "hey Winnie, we were put up in IISc, and not in the Yelahanka campus. So pick us up at 11AM from IISc".

We reached our hostel, refreshed, had light brunch at Nesara and waited for our friend to pick us up. Around noon, Winnie came with his bro who drove the car. We had a randezvous at the main gate, got in to his car and left for his house. On the way, he showed us the Ramiah's institutions, the airport road (also known as the Bellary Road), the Hebbal fly over where the airport road crosses the outer ring road, the border of Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research (JNCASR) campus, before we finally reached his house at the right time for lunch.

Me, Chan and Winnie at Winnie's residence

After lunch, we spent our time talking to each other, watching some sops in TV, and in the evening, we walked around his house. He took us to a couple of meditation centres, an awesome place where you will find peace if you just sit, close your eyes and observe silence for a few minutes. We then went to the open terrace on the top floor of his house, had a chat, observed sunset, took some photographs of the dynamic Bangalore sky.

When Nadal lost two sets in the slam we were having homemade Chapathi prepared by his mom for dinner (it was awesome!), and we left from his house just after dark, praying that Nadal should win the slam, all the way.