Dec 9, 2011

The girl in a blue top

The first time I saw her was in the campus restaurant a few days ago when I went to have my regular cup of coffee. She was easy to spot since the restaurant was nearly empty with most of the students gone home for the winter vacation. Contrary to my presumption that good looking girls always come in with a company, she was without any, sitting by herself in a remote corner, with her grub.

I finished my coffee and left the place. While walking towards my laboratory, I felt that the thought of the good looking girl in the blue top, sans company lingered in my mind much longer than the taste of coffee!

"Should I go back and talk to her? Will I ever chance upon her again? Even if I happen to, will she be alone then too?", I asked myself.

"Well, what will you talk to her? You can never talk to a stranger, leave alone talking to a good looking girl", my inner voice said.

Perhaps I will introduce myself to her, I argued.

How do you propose to introduce yourself? That you are a guy who looks at the sky through a satellite instead of directly looking up at it? Come on! Now talk sense. Good looking girls and nerdy boys are like parallel universes!

"Maybe you are right", I agreed with my inner voice conceding my defeat.

The lingering thoughts of the girl in a blue top waned after a few days until I spotted her again in the campus restaurant this evening.

She was alone today too, having her cup of coffee, sitting at the same corner table. I grabbed my cup of coffee, and half determined, I walked towards where she was sitting.

While I was nearing her, I heard a "Hi! How are you?" from a familiar voice. I looked around to find that the voice belonged to my colleague. Before I reply, I heard a sweet voice replying "I am fine! How about you?" to him. It did not require me to solve an integro-differential equation to figure out that it came from the girl in a blue top.

After a brief chat with her, he grabbed a cup of coffee, spotted me, came and sat down at my table.

I let out the question which was bouncing all over my head, "How do you know her?"

"I told her that I am a member of the insti Astro club and that we look at the sky through a telescope instead of looking up at it. Guess what? She was impressed with my intro, and said that no one had ever introduced himself that way to her before!", he said.