Nov 24, 2011

Niveditha - final part

Please read part 1 and part 2 before reading this.

The time was 4.25 AM. Santhosh pushed himself off his pillow, got the attention of a passenger who was walking towards the entrance with his luggage and asked, "Excuse me! Sir, which station is this?"

"Cantonment", the passenger replied hastily.

"Oh! I should get down here!". He got off his berth, hurried to pull out his luggage when he heard Niveditha asking him the same question he had asked the man only a moment ago.

Hearing his reply, she hastened to pull out her luggage when he said, "I think the train is about to depart. Why don't you get down? I will get your luggage and join you in a while"

"Thank you so much", she replied, pointed at her luggage and rushed towards the entrance.

Santhosh pulled their baggage out and was about to run towards the entrance when he stepped over a cell phone. "I think she dropped it in a hurry!". He picked up her cell phone, with a mischievous smile gave a missed call to his number, put it in the side zip of her suitcase and rushed to the entrance. The train had started moving already when he dropped the bags and jumped on to the platform.

"Thanks again", she said, collecting her luggage from him. "My father has come to pick me up", she said pointing towards a man who was moving towards them.

"See you later", he said, bidding adieu. He waited there for a while seeing Niveditha being received by her dad with a warm hug. Her dad collected her luggage and they moved towards the exit.

"I think you are getting a call", Niveditha's father said to her. She took her cell phone out of her purse and found that no one was calling her. "No, dad. Maybe mom is trying to reach you!"

"But I never put my cell phone in vibrating mode!"

She was about to say "Neither do I" when she saw that her father had sensed the location of the vibration alert. He opened the side zip of her bag, picked up the cell phone that was vibrating with a flash text "Wake up alarm", with an option to Snooze or Dismiss.

"It's not my cell phone!", she cried in surprise.

"Oh! Well, don't worry my child. Wait here. I will be back soon", saying thus, he started walking towards the station master room.

Inside the train, Arjun was still sleeping, waiting to be woken up by the fifth alert.