Jun 16, 2011

Weird wired connections

When my sister-in-law was preparing coffee for me, she was also boiling water in a pot to prepare kanji, a nutritional mixture, for her two year old daughter. I was playing with Snigdha meanwhile to keep her engaged so that she does not disturb her mother while preparing her food.

Sniffing the aroma of kanji through the air, Snigdha understood what her mother is preparing. When I picked up my cup of coffee, she ran towards her room, lied down in the cot pretending to be asleep. I could not figure out what was happening!

What happened da? I asked her.

"Thachi", said she, in her sweet mazhalai voice. A cute innocent smile was spreading over her face.

"Is she all right? She is feeling sleepy all of a sudden!", I went to the kitchen to ask my sis-in-law.

"This is her usual tactics to avoid drinking kanji", she explained to me. "I do not know how to feed this girl! She keeps avoiding all nutritious food. But her immunity is too low. She catches cold/fever in a blink, or chew something that she picks from floor in her mouth causing diarrhea", she whined in a concerned tone.

Well, its not her fault after all. Unfortunately, the tasty food are generally not good for health, and the converse is also true! She just happen to be yet another victim for taste, I was thinking aloud to myself. But what concerned me the most is her tactics to keep her mom from feeding her the kanji.

The aroma in the air quickly alarmed her about what is coming next, and she quickly devised a plan to avoid it. And all this was happening in an infant's brain! I took a sip from my cup of coffee while wondering about the mysterious weird wired connection of a two year old kid!