May 14, 2011

Vazhndhu Kaattuvom

"Ennamo Aedho" song from the recent Tamil flick "Ko" is in the top list since the movie was released a couple of weeks ago. The success formula of this romantic song is its captivating tune spiced up with hitherto unheard Tamil words such as "kuviyamilla", which makes it linger longer than usual in one's mind.

In order to avoid getting trapped in to infinite loop of listening, I decided to divert my mind through random browsing, when I chanced upon "Vazhndhu Kaattuvom", a Government of Tamilnadu's initiative with help from World bank, to eradicate poverty and uplift rural people's life.

Interested readers can get more information about the project from their official website. While browsing through the site, one thing gained my attention - the link to some audio songs, propagating various schemes, set in folk tunes which the government believes is the right channel to reach them.

The songs are recorded in mp3 format and are available for free download from here. The details of the music composer and the lyricist are not known, while the names of singers are listed in the website. But for Anuradha (Sriram), I have not heard other voices ever!

The folk tunes mesmerises the listeners from first-time-listening onwards, no wonder why it is rooted with our tradition. In particular, I loved the "Uthamare" song, which is about child labour. The singer of this song M.R.Divya has a beautiful voice and excellent articulation.

"Vazhndhu Kaattuvom" is one of the successful project with Govt. of Tamilnadu initiative to uplift rural population. To see its success, one need not even go to a village if they are not comfortable with. Vedanthangal, the haven for birds, is one of the village where this project is implemented.

PS: I remember seeing the "Vazhndhu Kaatuvom" board at the bird sanctuary when I went there last November. However, I could not find an official link proving the same.