Apr 26, 2011

Review of Rio (film)

3D movies are becoming popular nowadays that people are coming to theater to watch 3D effects  without bothering much for the story. Animated 3D movies are much popular because of its ability to attract people of all ages. Rio is an animated 3D film, without a strong story line.

My scholar friend (who works in same laboratory as mine) and I went to Satyam theater to watch Rio, for its 3D effects. It is his first, and my second movie to watch with the extra dimension (my first one was Avatar).

A blu(e) macaw, supposedly the last male from its species, was captured from Rio, found by a girl while on transition to Minnesota. After fifteen years, a scientist finds Blu in a local book store living with the girl who rescued it, tells her that he has the last female macaw which has to mate with this last male, to preserve the species from becoming extinct.

The plot expands when Blu was captured by the smugglers in Rio, trying to sell both the macaw for money. How the macaws manage to escape from the smugglers forms the rest of the plot. The film becomes grippy with its 3D effects during the escape sequence. The carnival in Rio adds more color to the plot and also make the escape dramatic.

Rio is worth a watch just to experience the third dimension effect.