Jan 10, 2011

The Mylapore Festival 2011

In the year 2001, the Mylapore times, a neighbourhood paper, organized a kolam contest. The outcome of the contest over the years was a huge hit that it has grown to be celebrated as Mylapore festival, a four day event.

Mylapore Festival 2011

Not surprising, the festival is packed with events that enabled the Mylapore community to show their creative skills to the entire world. The highlight of the festival is as usual the Kolam contest, which was held on two evenings on the North Mada Street, adjuscent to the Kapaleeshwara temple.

Kolam contest

The "costliest" kolam, commented a passerby

The entire North Mada stretch was painted with rice floor, each one showing the creative talent of Mylapore housewives and their daughters. Yeah, I did not see even a single male contestant! While the adults are busy displaying their creative talents, the merry-go-round was the centre of attraction for many kids who came to witness the happening at Mylapore. I had seen the merry-go-round only on one occasion before, the car festival in a temple located at my native village when I was a kid.

The merry-go-round

What caught me out of the blue during the walk on Mylapore streets is the Kolattam, in a courtyard in front of the temple entrance. The performance was awesome, and so was the beats, which makes me to think that its been performed by the professionals!

Kolattam (the Dandiya of South India)

The food street, where you get traditional food items which are normally prepared only in few homes, is a welcome hit from the visitors. I could feel the electrified sensation in Mylapore where everyone has some talent or other to display. A walk in these streets made me to contemplate on the outcome if such festivals is organized at every localities across India! "United, we stand" we have heard someone saying. Today, I saw it in action.