Dec 21, 2010

The Setting Moon and the Rising Venus

PS: The following post was written when I started chronicling in another domain.  I decided to merge my chronicles with this blog, however, I have imported those articles as it is.

What is the perfect way to start a blog than wishing you a Good Morning! While I am writing this, the Sun is just getting up and stretching his (time) arms from the eastern horizon.

The morning view of the sky was splendid today. While the setting moon captivated my attention towards the west, the rising Venus, which you can't see during winter unless you are nocturnal like me, or an early bird to rise before the Sun, is certainly a sight to watch. Here are the photographs of those two celestial bodies that I took with my Sony H55 Cybershot camera.

 The setting full moon on the west

 The rising Venus from the east

Pardon me for the noises in the image as its too dark and I don't have a tripod to capture the photo with long exposure.