Jun 15, 2010

Right and Wrong!

It can be right. It can be wrong. But can something be right and wrong at the same time?

I was having my usual small allegro at sweet sinuations at Lory Student Center (LSC)  when I read this strange article. Well, my routine is to grab a cup (mug?) of coffee from the counter, add sugar and cream and mix it together, spot a chair just outside the cafeteria and have the drink. But there was a change in the usual seating area which makes me to look for an alternate space to rest my ass till I finish my cup of coffee. On the chair was placed an "USA today" daily magazine, neatly folded and was very inviting to read.

I browsed through the first page which talks about the sudden flash flood due to heavy rain in camping areas and about missing and dead people. When I flipped the daily to its fourth page, a news article about new birth certificate rule on Puerto Rico grabbed my attention. It was only a week ago that a friend of mine who is doing his Ph.D at CSU told me that Puerto Rico is an US territory and people who are born at Puerto Rico are US citizens by default.

Well, its not about what my friend told me about the territory, or the new rule that has been discussed in the article that I wanted to talk about here. The interesting thing comes at the end of the article which talks about some problem with the new law. A 78 year old Puerto Rican have applied for new birth certificate as per the rule, got his fee waived because he is over 60, but got his age printed on his new birth certificate as 33! Is there a mistake on waiving his fee, or on his age? One is correct, other is wrong. We know which is what, but does the Puerto Rico government knows about it?